| June 06, 2016

Tropical Storm Colin is heading into the area, and tropical storm watches and warnings are already being issued for large areas across Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. To track the storm’s projected path and for up to date information, go to the Weather Channel’s Hurricane Central or NOAA’s National Hurricane Center.


To review hurricane preparation and tips to ready your home, visit FEMA’s Prepare-a-thon. The “How to Prepare for a Hurricane” booklet is a great reference source, and can help you be ready to protect your family and property.

If you do experience a loss, you may be able to contact your company directly. A list of many of our companies with direct claims contact numbers is below.

ALLSTATE: 800-547-8676 Option 1
AMERICAN MODERN: 800-543-2644
ENCOMPASS: 800-588-7400
FOREMOST: 800-527-3907 Option 2
GUA: 770-923-7431
HARTFORD: 800-243-5860
OLD DOMINION/MAIN STREET USA: 877-425-2467 Option 3
PROGRESSIVE: 800-876-5581
SAFECO: 800-332-3226 Option 1
SOUTHERN GENERAL: 800-446-9973 Option 7
TAPCO: 888-437-0373
TRAVELERS: 800-252-4633
UNIVERSAL: 800-218-3206

Many of the companies we represent offer the capability to file claims online as well. You can find links to many of our carriers here.

Be prepared, be careful, and be safe. Be aware of the weather forecasts and plan accordingly. Avoid driving on roads with standing or flowing water. Stay inside and away from windows if you see lighting or hear thunder. Remember – if you can hear thunder, then lightning is close enough to strike. Tornadoes may also occur depending on the storm’s characteristics, so be ready to evacuate to the innermost room on the lowest floor of your home. And most importantly, have a plan in place so that if a situation becomes unsafe you can leave.