Commercial Property Insurance

20% of all small business claims are for burglary and theft. 15% are for water and freezing damage, and 15% for wind and hail damage.*

One of the most important business investments you can make is acquiring commercial property insurance and securing its future. Commercial property insurance helps protect your business’ building, outdoor signage, furniture, equipment, landscaping, and others’ property from large natural disasters and small concerns that could lead to financial losses. Should a disaster or unexpected event occur, commercial property insurance ensures any damaged property is repaired or rebuilt so you can avoid losing income and upsetting your business’ operations.

Commercial property insurance can be tailored to your needs, including your business type, including retail stores, restaurants, contractors, medical offices, personal services, and others.

*“These are the top 10 property and liability claims for small businesses.” Property Casualty 360. April 2015.