Health, Life, & Umbrella Insurance

We offer a wide array of life, health, and umbrella coverage, including:

Personal Umbrella Insurance

For individuals with more assets, excess liability (often called “umbrella”) insurance may give them more confidence that their assets are thoroughly protected

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Health Insurance

Since the inauguration of the Affordable Healthcare Act, citizens are required to have some form of health care to protect them in case of an illness or injury.

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Life Insurance

Depending on the coverage, certain life insurance policies can provide a family financial security, a retirement income stream, and/or cash value you can use when you need it.

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Long-Term Care Insurance

Most health insurance plans don’t cover extended care services and Medicare only covers short stays in nursing homes or limited at-home care under strict conditions. For these reasons, many people seek long-term care insurance.

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Disability Insurance

Disability insurance can serve as the cornerstone of individual and business income and expense protection, replacing part of your income that you would lose should you be unable to work due to an illness or injury.

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Dental & Vision Insurance

Most health insurance plans do not include coverage for dental and vision services, from regular teeth cleaning and vision checks to more expensive surgeries and procedures.

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