Travel Insurance

Whether it’s for a 2 week vacation or a 2 year work assignment, an international medical care plan can help you find and access quality medical care around the world.

Our customers now have access to various travel and long-term international insurance plan options offered by GeoBlue. GeoBlue plans offer unique benefits and services, including access to doctors and hospitals in 180 countries. Medical appointments can be scheduled online or via a mobile device, and members can review the clinical services available or the security concerns in a particular destination, helping travelers stay safe and healthy worldwide.

GeoBlue Advantages include:

  • Better Benefits - rich coverage
  • Better Services - concierge level access
  • Better Protection - U.S. regulated policies

For more information about GeoBlue and travel insurance, please visit our agent page. Additional product and plan information can be found here, and great tips and information about healthy travel are available here.